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Test, Validate And Ensure Wi-Fi User Experience At Scale
SWAT WiCheck
SWAT WiCheck is a modular and programmable Wi-Fi multi-client emulator that generates 10s to 2500+ clients (includes Wi-Fi 6E, Wi-Fi 6, and legacy technologies). It’s available in multiple variants that can be used to run scale, performance, stability, security and functionality tests from the LAB to the FIELD.

All WiCheck variants include the following basic features:
  • Generate multiple clients
  • Support all popular authentication options from Open to WPA3 including captive portal
  • Comprehensive control over connection parameters
  • Ability to run multiple real traffic streams including video, voice, browsing and social media
  • Extensive functionality support including 802.11 r/k/v, 802.11w, HS2.0 and more
  • 150+ In-built scripts
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Alethea’s SWAT WiCheck uses a unique distributed architecture that delivers:
  • Modularity & Linear Scalability
  • Extensibility to new technologies
  • Spatial distribution
  • Network test / multi AP test capability
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Why WiCheck?
WiCheck uniquely focuses on testing the end user experience with:
  • Real application traffic
  • Real device like behavior with always on capability
  • Day in the life scenarios that replicate Home networks, Enterprise Networks, Public deployments, inflight WiFi networks and more
WiCheck is designed to allow:
  • Simple and painless upgrade to new technology cycles
  • Ease of use that lets engineers start being productive within 15 minutes
  • A unique blend of scale, OFDMA and Interop testing (real clients mixed with emulated clients)
  • All in one system

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