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mmWave CATR & DFF Compact 2 in 1 Solution
BJ-8603 mmWave CATR & DFF 2 in 1 Solution
● For 5G black box measurement for various size DUTs
● For lab test application
● For Automotive Radar simulation test
● For Passive Antenna radiation pattern test

● BJ-8603 test system includes a compact size anechoic chamber, and a compact antenna test range ( CATR) designed for mmWave OTA test in a lab environment, covers frequency range from 24 to 90GHz

● The high precision reflector provides a large quiet zone of 200 mm for a black box testing
● Combing with a high accuracy 2-axis positioner, the system is able to provide fast and accurate antenna measurement for various size DUTs
● Fast measurement capability via TTL hardware signal trigger
● The system is capable of switching between indirect far field and direct far field measurement method
●Optional thermal enclosure is available for Extreme Condition from -40 to 100℃
●Automotive radar test capacity: Speed simulation, Distance simulation, Angle simulation


Inner Dimension
990(W)*736(L)*1250(H) mm
Outer Dimension(without base)1240(W)*1010 (L)*1650(H) mm
Outer Dimension(with base)
1125(W)*2200 (L)*2040(H) mm
Base Outer Dimension
1225(W)*900 (L)*475(H) mm
Operation Door Dimension
824(W)*826(H) mm
Net Weight
Gross Weight
DUT Size
Max: 130(L)*130(W) mm
Positioner Loading
Max: 1.5kg
RF Isolation
0.7~90GHz >70dB
Absorber Reflectivity
< -30 dB from 24 GHz to 50GHz
Offset parabola, blended rolled edges
Reflector Size
400 x 400 mm
Frequency Range
24 ~ 90GHz
Quiet Zone Quality
Dimension φ200mm
Amplitude taper ≤ 1dB
Amplitude ripple ≤ ±0.5dB
Phase variation ≤ ±5°
Cross-Pol isolation ≤-30dB
Feed Antenna
Working Freq. 24~50GHz
Connector 2x2.4mm
Extendable to 90GHz by Changing Feed Antenna
Material Al alloy
Cross-Pol isolation ≤-43dB