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mmW Anechoic Chamber (For FR1 and FR2)
BJ-8845 mm Wave Anechoic Chamber (For FR1 and FR2)
● For 5G mm Wave far field OTA test
● Suitable for DUT size < 13.5"
● For mass production application

● Operation frequency from 800MHz to 50GHz
● 800MHz to 50GHz RF Isolation > 70dB
● Absorber reflective:<-30dB in FR2
● Compatible with sub 6GHz OTA test application
● Pneumatic operated front door
● Manually load/unload DUT
● EMI filters on all of the bulkhead connectors
● Remote controllable
● Input AC power: 100-240V AC 50Hz


Outer Dimension
1035.0(W)*840.0(L)*845.0(H) mm
Inner Dimension
775.0(W)*557.0(L)*575.0(H) mm
Operation Door Dimension
375.0(W)*175.0(H) mm
Side door size
350(W)*525(H) mm
Far field distance
100~150 mm (adjustable)
Net Weight 
approx.175 kg
Gross Weight
approx.190 kg

●  Antenna, port and connector, based on customer requirement