BlastWave Partners with ATxTel To Offer Complete Network Security in Lab Environments!

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BlastWave Partners with ATxTel To Offer Complete Network Security in Lab Environments

Palo Alto, Calif. (Nov 17, 2021) – BlastWave, a developer of software-defined perimeter (SDP) solutions that protect networks from inadvertent and intentional threats, today announced its partnership with ATxTel, a leading lab infrastructure, instrumentation, systems integration company and trusted advisor to industry-leading companies within the telecommunications industry.

As a part of the agreement, ATxTel, an industry leader in test and measurement with a broad portfolio of solutions will incorporate and resell BlastWave’s flagship product BlastShield™, enabling ATxTel to offer secure remote access, by rendering critical assets invisible to attack from both external and internal sources. BlastShield enables Zero Trust Network Access to authorized personnel, combining state-of-the-art password-less multi-factor authentication with a patented high-performance peer-to-peer encrypted transport and built-in micro-segmentation.

“BlastWave’s BlastShield brings a new level of security to our customers, regardless of their on-premises or remote work needs,” said John Winans, President of ATxTel. “In today’s COVID-19 environment, where remote access is key in the development and test space, customers are facing evolving cybersecurity challenges and an increased vulnerability to their intellectual property. ATxTel and BlastWave offer an end-to-end security solution capable of protecting key assets and sensitive IP contained within these test labs by rendering them invisible to malicious actors looking to gain access with intent of piracy or infringement of their technology.”

According to Stanford and Tessian’s September 2020 research study, “The Psychology of Human Error”, 88 percent of data breaches are caused by human error and inadvertent causes such as having weak passwords, clicking on phishing links, failing to keep up with software patches and more. With BlastShield, you get three innovative products integrated into a single solution to help prevent inadvertent attacks, including passwordless MFA, secure remote access (ZTNA) and micro-segmentation.

“Partnering with ATxTel allows us to take advantage of their expertise and deep history and understanding of their customers and the agility to deliver these services,” said Tom Sego, CEO BlastWave. “Many organizations think if they have a firewall, SASE, or VPN they are fully protected. ATxTel is already working with these customers to test security infrastructure, gateways, firewalls, IDS/IPS and other security solutions in pre-production. BlastWave provides an additional layer of assurance for their customers by solving the problem that traditional VPNs and other complex end-point technologies have been unable to address by applying a zero-trust software-defined perimeter throughout the network architecture, not just at the endpoint, rendering the entire network invisible, including to insiders. In addition, ATxTel can offer BlastWave to its development centric customers such as network equipment manufacturers, chipset and cloud/service providers, to better mitigate against the increasing security risks introduced with the expansion of remote access to test labs.”

About BlastWave
Founded by former executives and technologists from Apple and Cisco, BlastWave is taking a fundamentally different approach to security aimed at protecting privacy and connected devices from cyberattacks. BlastWave’s patented product, BlastShield
™️, is an all-in-one-zero trust stack that combines state-of-the-art passwordless multi-factor authentication with high-performance, resilient encrypted connectivity and built-in microsegmentation. BlastWave is backed by Rocket Strategies, Lucas Venture Group, and Millennium Investments. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. To learn more, visit and follow us on Twitter @blastwaveinc.

About ATxTel
ATxTel is a lab infrastructure, instrumentation, systems integration company and trusted advisor to industry leading companies within the telecommunications industry. ATxTel was founded by Test & Measurement executives with over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications sector. ATxTel provides unparalleled experience paired with tools and services that allow companies to innovate, optimize cost, and accelerate time to market. For more information, please visit