RF Solutions

RF active and passive components designed for indoor and powered outdoor testing and emulation.
RF and Acoustics Test Solution

One of the most advanced and well-recognized 5G Anechoic chambers with unique solutions for 5G mmW. Providing cutting-edge RF shield systems, and Acoustic test solutions for customer-driven requirements for new challenges presented with the advent of RF technologies.
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Wireless Channel Emulator, Vector Signal Generator, and Spectrum Analyzer

The most advanced wireless channel emulator in the market, purpose-built to support MIMO transmissions and architected to meet the demanding RF needs of the upcoming 5G requirements with bandwidth support up to 500MHz. The channel emulator product line combines industry-leading channel emulation capabilities in a comprehensive design to deliver a range of Massive MIMO, mmW, HF, WiFi, and MANET network testing.
A virtual RF managed switch between radios and test chambers

Radio management features include 5G / LTE / UMTS / EVDO / GSM / WiFi full range spectrum support, scalable radio connection management, customizable port labelling, resource status monitoring, multi-vendor support, and network auto-configuration.
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Products that help deliver an uninterrupted Wi-Fi user experience

Helping customers from diverse industries accelerate the development, validation and deployment of broadband technologies worldwide. Verify the end to end performance of your network – from connection times, captive portals, VPN throughputs and voice call capabilities – at scale with a single platform. Replicate real world scenarios in the lab & understand the SLAs you plan to guarantee
RF Shield Enclosures

Introducing ATxTel's full RF Enclosure product line. ATxTel offers the widest selection of RF enclosures with a broad radio frequency range, and isolation > 90dB. ATxTel's versatile RF enclosures are suitable for various R&D and production applications. Contact us with your testing needs or your custom RF enclosure requirements.
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Extra low PIM (-165dBc) RF components

Industry leading low PIM RF components, including our latest ceramic waveguide technologies. Since 2011 we’ve deployed thousands of components to enterprise companies and service operators across North America. Designed for cellular outdoor/indoor and 5G massive MIMO applications. Components cover the 4G spectrum at 600MHz to 5G frequency bands. Durably constructed, cost effective cables. Improving performance, replacing aging infrastructure, and reducing capital and operational costs.

ATxTel offers services to help you every step of the way