Traffic Generation & Emulation

Ethernet test platform that is scalable and hardware agnostic, providing best-in-class automation capabilities for open test suite and regression testing developments.
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Stateless Ethernet traffic generation and analysis

Full-featured Layer 2-3 stateless Ethernet traffic generation and analysis platform. It is used to configure and generate Ethernet traffic at all speeds up to 800GE, and analyze how network devices and services perform in response, making it perfect for most lab-based data-plane test scenarios.
Stateful Ethernet Traffic Generation and Analysis

Easy way to generate stateful traffic over Ethernet and then analyze how firewalls, wireline & wireless networks, NICs, packet brokers, NAT routers, bandwidth-shapers and … perform in a wide range of real-world scenarios.
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Network Impairment Emulation

True wire-speed impairment @ 100Gbps (plus 50 / 40 /25 & 10Gbps)

Ease of use – stand-alone impairment tool that integrates seamlessly with traffic generator, letting you speed up your work flow by using the same SW to both generate and impair Ethernet traffic.

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