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Helping to bring the next generation wireless technology products and networks to market faster!

BlastShield™, the Software-Defined Perimeter for IT and OT Convergence

BlastShield™, is the world’s first software-defined perimeter solution that renders protected assets invisible to malicious actors. It incorporates state-of-the-art password-less multi-factor authentication and renders protected systems undetectable by scanning and fingerprinting tools - intruders can't attack what they can't see!

  • A single secure IP Layer
  • No exposed web admin services
  • Secure, convenient remote access in seconds!
  • Any platform, anywhere
  • Provision in seconds
  • Unified edge-to-edge protection
  • Truly invisible
  • One-touch access control management
  • The same IP address anywhere

BlastShield™ Architectural Features

Malicious actors can't attack what they can't see!
A single secure network from "edge to edge"!

Real-time control from a single console!
Software Overlay
Lightweight software that deploys anywhere!

A zero-trust enterprise VPN alternative!

BlastShield™ SD-VPN is a zero-trust, zero-config enterprise VPN solution that installs in minutes, provides one-touch access control, and is immune to VPN exploits!

Swiss Army knife of WiFi testing - one test system for multiple purposes

Complement Scale Testing
  • Mixing the real and simulated traffic
  • Interrupt with clusters of emulated real devices

Parallel testing
  • Multiple test engineers can use the system in parallel
  • Each radio head can be used by a different test engineer
OFDMA Implementation
  • Generating OFDMA traffics with a single click
  • Built in Sniffer with support different chipset interop
Real traffics
  • 25+ real traffics. 4k/8k videos, gaming, browsing, SIP call, SIP video call, YouTube live and much much more
Seamless upgrade option
  • Plug and play modules
  • Buy only what you need - add more scale only when needed
Work from home ready
  • Designed from scratch as a remotely controlled unit - not as an afterthought
  • New technology is just a radio head away
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VMShield™ creates an invisible management plane for VMware ESXi environments, cloaking vCenter and critical VMware management systems from unwanted access. VMShield™ deploys in minutes as lightweight software running on a single virtual machine, and delivers advanced protection against unwanted access, malware delivery, and malware propagation within ESXi environments.

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