Turbo-charge Your 5G mmWave Testing

5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Ideal Chamber

Every game-changing innovation comes with potential speed bumps. The inclusion of multiple antennas in a small form factor at 20GHz+ fundamentally changes how mmWave testing must be conducted.
So, what exactly changes with newer generation devices? For starters, the utilization of a higher number of antennas to take advantage of MIMO and beamforming techniques in a compact form factor for mmW devices making conventional connected testing and verification of radios impractical. In addition, massive MIMO and beamforming involve housing large numbers of antennas into related devices. Doing so makes the OTA radiated testing in an anechoic chamber a better approach as the antennas’ performance and impact will be evaluated as part of the overall system. New 5G devices must be tested OTA using radiated signals and shielded chambers if they are to support FR2 spectrum usage.
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