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SessionStrike evaluates the session holding capabilities of stateful network
Test and Optimize Session Level Performance

Assess how fast a stateful network device can establish and tear down TCP & HTTP connections to benchmark session level performance. Emulate 1000’s of clients to isolate the performance of application servers or Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), or emulate clients and servers to test network devices like load balancers, next generation firewalls, and more. By generating a high scale of application traffic and TCP & HTTP connections SessionStrike helps identify performance bottlenecks or points of failure on the network before you go live.
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Emulate Millions of TCP and HTTP Connections

Create millions of TCP and HTTP connections to verify the session holding capabilities and peak load a network device or application server can handle for proper capacity planning and comprehensive performance testing. If a device cannot process all the traffic it receives, it can cause an outage or crash. Validate network infrastructure is capable of handling the scale of stateful traffic from new applications prior to deployment.

  • Generate a huge volume of HTTP and TCP connections to test available bandwidth, network infrastructure, and web servers
  • Benchmark the session level performance of session-aware devices like application servers, load balancers, SD-WANs and other stateful devices
  • Test and optimize the performance of security devices like Next-Generation Firewalls, IDS/IPS, SASE, and Anti-Virus
  • Measure how many connections per second or simultaneous sessions can be processed before causing a crash or outage
  • Avoid server or device failures from spikes in usage due to holiday shopping, sales promotions, or other date specific events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • Use the offline analyzer to monitor HTTP and TCP stats, track sessions established and identify any failed sessions

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