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LANforge-WiFIRE: WiFi Device & AP Emulation
Candela LANforge-WiFIRE is designed for testing Access Points and other WiFi networks. Each of the Virtual Stations has its own IP address, IP port space, MAC address and routing table. The Virtual Stations can be assigned to communicate to a particular Access Point, use a particular SSID, and Open or WPA/WPA2 authentication assigned. Each radio can be configured independently.
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As an example, Candela WiFi data plane test is designed to conduct an exhaustive walk through of all combinations of station types, MIMO types, Channel Bandwidths, Traffic types, Traffic direction, Frame sizes etc…and run a quick performance test at every combination of these test variables and plot all the result a chart to compare performance. The user is allowed to defined an intended load as a percentage of the max theoretical PHY rate for every test combination.
The expected behavior is that for every test combination the achieved throughput should be at least 70% of the theoretical max PHY rate under ideal test conditions. This test provides way to get through hundreds of combinations in a fully automated fashion and very easily find patterns and problem areas which can be further debugged using more careful testing.
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Fully Automated Testbed

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