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San Diego, CA – May 12, 2021 - Acentury Inc. is proud to announce a new partnership with ATxTel. ATxTel will act as the distributor of Acentury Radiocomm (low PIM RF components and cables) and Acentury LAMTA (hardware and software for wireless lab management) in the US.

We’re extremely excited to have ATxTel join the Radiocomm and LAMTA team. We are very impressed by ATxTel’s expertise. In speaking with the ATxTel’s executive team, it was clear that they would be an ideal partner for Radiocomm and LAMTA. We have the highest confidence that ATxTel’s customers will be very satisfied with Radiocomm and LAMTA products,” said Frank Ye, CEO of Acentury.

Radiocomm and LAMTA are perfect additions to our product family. They will significantly enhance our capabilities to carry out the most innovative and cutting-edge wireless and RF projects for our customers and address their most demanding requirements,” said Ash Amine, CTO of ATxTel.


ATxTel, Inc. has been on the cutting edge of technology. ATxTel identifies and works with carefully selected trusted partners from around the world. We have been working with some of the largest technology companies as a trusted partner for wireless testing solutions. ATxTel is based in San Diego, CA.

ABOUT Radiocomm
Radiocomm, the network components division of Acentury Inc., was launched in 2011 and developed a reputation for its superior technical performance, reliability, and customization services. We pride ourselves in creating a unique customer experience from product development to on-time product delivery. We help service providers, infrastructure equipment manufacturers, educational institutions, government agency departments, and system integrators meet their complex and dynamic requirements. Radiocomm components cover a wider operating frequency spectrum and higher power applications. With the deployment of outdoor systems with high power (up to 80 W) and 4x4 MIMO, the -165 dBc extra-low PIM becomes an essential requirement to solve complex interference issues.

Acentury LAMTA is an end-to-end solution that uses a software-based platform for wireless 3G/4G/5G lab testing and lab resources management. LAMTA is a scalable solution designed by RF engineers and used by Tier 1 operator labs. LAMTA uses software to manage a ‘connect once’ setup that can simplify RF cable management and enable remote management capabilities. The solution also features the automation and execution of complicated test scenarios such as massive MIMO and carrier aggregation.