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Simplified Solutions for Network Performance Testing & Network Traffic Generation
Capture, Reproduce, and Amplify Production Traffic in a Controlled Lab Environment

Capture production network conditions and convert them to dynamic traffic configurations for fast, easy fault analysis. Emulate clients, servers, and amplify recorded traffic for reliable validation of architectures and devices prior to deployment.
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AppStorm Network Traffic Generator for Application-Aware Devices

Emulate clients, servers, and real network traffic with our extensive library of application flows to performance benchmark application aware devices and systems like SD-WAN gateways, Next Generation Firewalls, IPS/IDS Systems, DPI, and Anti-DDoS readiness.
Evaluate the Session Holding Capabilities of Stateful Network Devices

Assess how fast a stateful network device can establish and tear down TCP & HTTP connections to benchmark session level performance. Emulate 1000’s of clients to isolate the performance of application servers or Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), or emulate clients and servers to test network devices like load balancers, next generation firewalls, and more.
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Simplified Solutions for Network Performance Testing & Network Traffic Generation

By replicating real application traffic and protocols at tremendous scale, you can roll out new applications and implement new systems with confidence. Our applications allow you to easily evaluate vendor performance and service provider networks prior to deployment and consistently ensure the quality of your services and products.

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Are You Considering Making the Change to SD-WAN?

Choosing and deploying the right SD-WAN solution is a complicated endeavor because SD-WAN cuts across security, networking, application performance, and cloud services.
Before you pull the trigger, read our eBook to understand both the challenges and benefits of SD-WAN. Learn how to properly vet vendors, determine your specific needs, and set yourself up for long-term success.

ATxTel offers services to help you every step of the way