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Purposely designed compact yet high capacity Communication Test Set for mass production and testing of terminals in factories
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SP9020: High Capacity Communication Test Set for Factory
SP9020 is a compact instrument for high-capacity mass production tests for wireless terminals. In the non-signaling mode, SP9020 can perform calibration, and comprehensive testing. SP9020 supports cellular technologies from 2G to 5G and non-cellular technologies such as WLAN, BLE, and GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou). SP9020 also supports various transmitter and receiver tests, including list mode, multi-terminal parallel test, terminal multi-antenna test, and more. SP9020 meets todays and future requirements for rapid and accurate production tests.
Product Description
SP9020 accommodates up to four modules, with each module supporting nine channels. This is an ideal solution for high-capacity production lines using a single controller for multiple devices under test.
Product Specifications
Input/Output Power Resolution
400mm(W) * 386mm(H) * 61.4mm(D)
RF Range
70Mhz ~ 6GHz
MAX Bandwidth
Single sampling data capacity
8G Bytes

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