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Versatile RF enclosures suitable for Wi-Fi and 5G Testing Applications
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ATxTel ShieldMAX RF Chamber

The ShieldMAX provides excellent shielding effectiveness, up to 100dB of RF isolation from external interference across a wide frequency range, minimizing external RF interference.  Advanced designs provide high-rejection filters, ensuring minimal interference. The ShieldMAX filters include Multi-Gig Ethernet, USB 2.0 (USB-A connector), USB 3.0 with (USB-C connector), HDMI, DC Power and AC Power. Unlike other stainless steel constructed RF shielded enclosures, the ATxTel ShieldMAX enclosure uses a high-grade aluminum RF-tight material, ensuring durability and long-term shielding performance. The ShieldMAX minimizes internal reflections with RF-absorbing foam. Combined with the high-rejection filter designs, the ShieldMAX chambers provide near-complete isolation, preventing RF leaks and maintaining a controlled testing environment.  The ShieldMAX enclosure can be customized with various components, including RF connectivity, filters, rack mount, and ventilation, to accommodate different testbed configurations and requirements. Multiple size options are available, ranging from compact benchtop rack-mount to large chamber stack for large DUT and complicated testbed configurations such as mesh, MIMO, and handover. 

Optional Built-in Turntable

The built-in programable turntable is a rotating platform that allows for controlled movement and positioning of objects, such as antennas, receivers, or devices under test (DUTs). It provides precise speed control and angular positioning capabilities to simulate different orientations and angles for the device under test, allowing testers and engineers to assess the performance and characteristics of RF devices, such as their radiation patterns or sensitivity to different signal directions.
- Support up to 22 lbs (10 kg)
- 0 to 10 RPM
- 1
o Angular Resolution
- Routing duct for DC Power, USB and Ethernet interfaces
- Front panel touchscreen control: Forward, Back and Reset

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Stackable Configurations

ATxTel ShieldMAX XD110 and MD48 are designed to allow stackable configuration with a sturdy caster base. The width of MD48 is about half the width of XD110. Each chamber is equipped with mounting plates designed to secure the base on the chamber above it. It enables complicated testbed design with up to 6 chambers on a base for advanced testbed configuration such as mesh and handover.

Rack-mount Chambers

Rack-mountable RF chambers are designed to be mounted in standard equipment racks, allowing easy integration into existing testing setups and infrastructure. ATxTel’s ShieldMAX offers standard 10U or 12U configurations.  The rack-mountable RF chambers are constructed with high-grade aluminum and provide the same isolation and filter options as the larger standalone chambers for RF testing, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements.
Inside the rack-mountable chamber, there is typically ample space to accommodate the RF devices under test.  The chambers can also be configured with different mounting options, such as shelves or brackets, to mount antennas or position the devices at the desired location.

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RF Filters Options

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4-Port 10G ethernet port

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AC and DC Power Filter with 4-port USB

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SMA Connectors Filter Plate

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LED Light

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High-gain Antennas

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Waveguide and BNC connector

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Camera Option

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Base with Casters

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