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NE6500 4G lTE Network Emulator

NE6000 LTE-A Network Emulator
Cat.6/NB-IOT/eMTC UE Signaling Test Solution
The ALifecom NE6000 is a test system used to test and diagnose issues in Long-Term Evolution ( LTE ) and LTE-Advanced ( LTE - A ) communication systems . It is designed to emulate a complete LTE-A network system , including an evolved Node B ( eNB ) and a true Evolved Packet Core ( EPC ). The NE6000 can be used to perform various test items related to LTE and LTE-A signaling , and it provides a range of diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities for the development and debugging of 4G User Equipment ( UE ) . The NE6000 also offers a compact option use in production lines and quality assurance / quality control ( QA / QC ) testing .
The NE6000 is an affordable test solution that is designed to test different aspects of signaling for LTE-A technology . It comes in a 2U-tall, rack mountable form factor , making it easy to integrate into standard equipment racks . The NE6000 can be used to communicate with DUTS ( devices under test ) through the LTE-Uu interface .
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Key Features
  • Range 400 MHz~ 3.8 GHz
  • Dual Mode Dual 2x2
  • MIMO 2CC Carrier Aggregation (CA)
  • LTE-A Cat.1 ~ Cat.4 (upgradable to Cat.6/ 9/ 12)
  • NB-IOT/ eMTC Frequency
  • 1.4/ 3/ 5/ 10/ 20 MHz Frequency BW
  • IPv4/ IPv6 Functional Test
  • Multiple PDN (max. 8 PDN) Functional Test
  • QoS GBR/ non-GBR and Traffic Priority Functional Test
  • Integrated Protocol Analyzer
  • UL UE Target Power Setting (UE max. TX Power)
  • Multi-OUT Testing: max. 4 UE's
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