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Deploy Dynamic Environments in Minutes
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Drive Business Efficiency with Hybrid Infrastructure Automation

Deploy elastic sandbox environments in minutes
Enable self-service provisioning and automated decommissioning of hybrid and on-prem environments to streamline the development, testing, and certification of physical and virtual infrastructure
CloudShell is the leading platform for delivering Infrastructure Automation at Scale for complex on-premise, hybrid and cloud environments. IT leaders and innovators around the world trust Quali to enable self-service environment provisioning and automated decommissioning to streamline the development, testing, and certification of various technologies into production environments.
  • Web-based self-service portal and catalog
  • Inventory management
  • Integration with ANY infrastructure, private and public clouds, and industry-specific infrastructure both directly and via automation tools or APIs
  • Resource allocation management of exclusive/shared resources, conflict resolution
  • Blueprint modeling, easy-to-use editor with drag-and-drop capabilities allowing you to create operational blueprints in minutes
  • Reservation and scheduling
  • Networking: L1 (physical layer), L2 (VLAN) and L3 (subnet)
  • Infrastructure automation, configuration management and environment orchestration
  • Role-based access control, Active Directory and SSO integration
  • Growing developer community with technical developer forums and 100s of open-source integrations for leading clouds providers, devices, CI/CD tools, etc, providing accessibility, control and common day-2 actions
  • Distributed execution provisioning allowing for scale, latency mitigation and quick delivery
  • Test automation
  • BI reporting: Sandbox consumption and licenses, resource utilization, inventory, cloud usage, user activity, etc
  • In-browser access to resources using SSH, RDP and more
  • Live activity feed displaying real-time deployment activity messages, errors and warnings

Automated Environments for
With a robust data analysis and visualization engine, CloudShell provides you with business insights into your IT infrastructure, including health, consumption and availability data.

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Lab as a Service

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Sales Demo

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Cyber Security

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Continuous Validation

CloudShell Value

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Manage Costs
Improve resource utilization and track lab costs
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Improve Productivity
Empower your users to get the approved environments that they need on-demand
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Time to Market
Arm your team with templates of the environments they need sooner
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Reduce Business Risks
Control who has access to use-case specific environments and establish time limits