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A global wireless communication test solution leader to assist enterprises to enter the new 5G era!
StarPoint provides fully-fledged 5G terminal test solutions for chipset, OEM, module, and terminal manufacturers to accelerate R&D design and improve product performance. StarPoint’s 5G terminal testing solutions can emulate a complete 5G/LTE access network and core network to support various 5G NR SA/NSA network architectures. StarPoint’s powerful 5G terminal test system supports 3GPP terminal conformance tests and GCF/PTCRB certification. Both GCF and PTCRB are international validation organizations jointly established by global operators, terminal manufactures, and instrument manufacturers to guarantee global interoperability for 5G devices. Terminals must meet GCF/PTCRB validation before operator deployment.
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Internet of Things (IoT) technologies promise to connect devices and systems over communications networks. Typical IoT applications include smart cities, intelligent logistics, smart homes, intelligent buildings, smart agriculture, demand for low power consumption, broad coverage, and massive connectivity. Ensuring the IoT terminal performance and reducing the maintenance cost continue to be challenging for chipset/module/terminal/application manufacturers. StarPoint provides complete terminal testing solutions for the latest NB-IoT and eMTC IoT technologies to safeguard the development of IoT devices.

Products & Solutions

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SP9500 Integrated Test System: Leading 4G/5G Terminal Conformance Test Solution

SP9500 test system supports the 5G terminal conformance test requirements, including
User Equipment RF Conformance Test, RRM Conformance Test, and Protocol Conformance Tests as specified in the 3GPP TS38.521-1, 38.521-2, 38.521-3, 38.533, and TS38.523-1specifications.
SP9500 CTS: Full-Function 5G Communication Test Set

SP9500 5G Communication Test Set is a highly integrated test instrument with a complete 5G protocol stack support. SP9500 enables testing of user equipment (UE) as defined by 3GPP TS38.508-1, TS38.521-1, TS38.521-2*, TS38.521-3, TS38.521-4, etc with different 5G radio modes, non-stand-alone (NSA) or stand-alone (SA). SP9500 supports extended test coverage, including 100M/400M* bandwidth support, CA, 8*4 MIMO defined in 5G R15. Multi-instrument cascade can support larger-scale MIMO and CA for future technological evolution.
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SP9020: High Capacity Production Communication Test Set

A compact instrument designed for high capacity mass production testing of terminals. SP9020 supports cellular technologies from 2G to 5G and non-cellular technologies such as WLAN, BLE, and GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou).

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