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We Make Network Testing Easier, from a Single High-Performance Layer 2-7 Testing Platform.
ATX-BENCHMARK, is a trusted test and measurement leader recognized for innovative solutions that optimize performance, improve quality, and ensure the deployment of emerging network products and technologies. ATX-BENCHMARK provides functional and high-scale Layer 2-7 test solutions for leading Enterprises, Equipment Manufacturers, Service and Cloud Providers, Telecom Operators and Government agencies for the design and verification of telecommunication devices and network infrastructures. Our solutions are tailored for high-speed advanced ethernet testing covering switches, routers, applications, security, environmental, telecom carrier networks and industrial networks.
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Products & Solutions

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ATX-BENCHMARK XP Series Network Testers

ATX-BENCMARK XP Series network testers are uniquely created for testing high-end routers and switches, data center switches and robust application-layer devices. It offers high performance, high density, high speed and single or multi-racks configuration.

The chassis is equipped with 3 or 12 slots and offers full-rate Ethernet interfaces from 1GbE to 400GbE to enable on-demand scalability and help customers deal with increasing test demands and future development. Combined with ATX-Renix and ALPS, new PCT-based test software and X-Series test modules, ATX-BENCHMARK XP series enables Layer 2-7 traffic tests and protocol emulation of a range of network devices and systems. It offers full-featured and rigorous testing solution with automated test scripts and accurate results for R&D, simulation or network quality control validation purposes.
ATX-BENCHMARK DVT Series Product Portfolio

Our ATX-BENCHMARK DVT series network tester is a R&D test product for middle and low-end routers, switches and other network forwarding equipment. Our modular design is comprised of chassis, test modules and a powerful and easy to use software UI. This chassis can provide 2 or 6 slots and support any combination of test modules from 10M to 400GbE. This platform boasts a small lab footprint and the lowest power consumption in the industry.

Renix software is based on our PCT architecture providing Layer 2-3 traffic emulation, control plane protocol simulation with comprehensive test suites and capability in terms of functionality, performance and validation to meet the complex requirements for hardware and software development, system test for the R&D for chip/component, telecommunications equipment, and pre-production verification for the network.
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ATX-Renix Test Application

ATX-Renix is an incredibly easy to use and intuitive software interface to the Benchmark test system. The ATX-Renix application allows the user to configure the most complex and comprehensive test scenarios with limited clicks required and the ability to directly export your GUI created test cases to automated scripts. From hardware development to software verification testing to system level performance, ATX-Renix provides a single environment for functional testing, RFC benchmark testing, complex routed topology emulation, system-level verification. Supporting multiple users, ATX-Renix allows for the sharing of test ports/resources, configuration files and results across all functions of test and engineering organizations.
Key Features
  • Unified Layer 2-7 test environment / interface to the Benchmark systems
  • Easy to interface allowing for simplified and complex test scenarios
  • Renix software supports Ethernet speeds from 10Mbps~400GbE
  • Convenient configurations Wizards to reduce test set up and configure
  • Integrated, customizable packet capture and analysis capability
  • Customizable test reporting and comprehensive results analysis
  • Simple export of GUI test cases directly to script (both TCL and Python)

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