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NE7500 5G SA Network Emulator

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NE7500 SA Network Emulator
Most Affordable NSA/NA Test Solution with mWW Support

The ALifecom NE7500 is a test system designed to simulate various aspects of a cellular network for the purpose of testing the performance and functionality of user equipment (UE), such as smartphones, tablets, and other wireless devices. It includes 3GPP compliant components such as a gNodeB and a 5G Core (5GC). All the new and existing SA systems (NE7500) can be upgraded to support mmW through mmWave Transceiver Module.
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Key Features
  • Stand-alone Frequency Range 400MHz ~ 6GHz
  • 5G NR FDD/TDD Dual Mode (NE7500)
  • DL 4x4 MIMO
  • Up to 100 MHz Frequency BW
  • Modulation Scheme Up to 256QAM in DL and 64QAM in UL
  • 5G mmW Support
    • Frequency range thought Transceiver Module: 24-30 GHz, 37-44 GHz
    • Band support: n257, n258, n259, n260, n261
    • Bandwidth: 100 MHz
    • DL: 2x2 MIMO, UL: SISO
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