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A global leader in Network Testing & Emulation solutions helping customers to design, develop, and deploy high quality networking products!
Candela team with two decades of experience in the WiFi industry is providing a comprehensive set of features for functional, performance, interoperability, Proof-of-Concept, validation, regression and many forms of testing.
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Products & Solutions

All LANforge products can be remotely managed and can have multiple users connected at once. LANforge supports a Java GUI application that runs on multiple platforms, including Windows and Linux, and a command line interface (TELNET) that can be accessed from any networked machine. Advanced scripting of LANforge is enabled by perl libraries that connect over the CLI. LANforge is lightly integrated with the superb Wireshark protocol analyzer and packet capture tool. LANforge hardware systems are based on the Fedora Core Linux operating system.
LANforge supports most features on Microsoft Windows platforms, including the LANforge-ICE WAN emulator and SIP VoIP call generation, but LANforge on Linux supports more features, is more powerful and more precise.
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LANforge-WiFIRE: WiFi Device & AP Emulation

  • All LANforge FIRE and ICE features
  • Emulate 100s of 802.11a/b/n/ac WLAN STAs and APs
  • All 2.4 and 5GHz channels supported
  • 20/40/80/160 MHz channel BWs
  • Modular platform that can house several radios
  • Programmable Attenuation, Radar , Interference
  • Signal, Noise Generation
  • Roaming/Range Testing, Fast Roaming
  • Data plane performance testing
  • Client scale/capacity testing
  • Hotspot 2.0 / Captive Portal
  • Voice/Video/Data traffic
  • Testing MU- MIMO
  • Mesh testing
LANforge-FIRE: Stateful Network Traffic Generator

  • Supports real-world protocols: Ethernet, 802.1Q VLANs, MAC-VLANs, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (wireless) ,Layer 3: TCP/IP,IPv6, UDP/IP, UDP Multi-cast, including TOS/QoS , Layer 4-7: FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, TELNET, PING, DNS, SMTP , G711, G729, SIP, SCP, iPerf3
  • Capable of 140+ emulated VoIP phones per machine, capability to dial real phones, direct-dial mode and gateway mode
  • Comprehensive reporting of Call, RTP and RTCP statistics. PESQ automated voice quality reporting
  • Test routing protocols like OSPF, bridges, NAT etc…
  • Emulates 1000+ unique networked devices per LANforge machine
  • Comprehensive traffic reports include: Packet Tx/Rx rate, Packet drop, Tx/Rx bytes, Latency, jitter and many more statistics.
LANforge-ICE: Network Emulator

  • General purpose WAN and Network impairment emulator
  • Simulate DS1, DS3, OC-3, OC-12, GigE, DSL, Cable-Modem, Satellite links and other rate-limited networks, from 10bps up to 10Gbps speeds (full duplex)
  • Can modify various network attributes including: line-speed, latency, jitter, packet-loss, packet-reordering and packet-duplication
  • Supports Ethernet packet corruption with option to recalculate IP, UDP, and TCP checksums. Corruptions include bit flip, bit transpose, and byte over-write
  • Supports 'WAN-Playback' allowing capture and replay

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