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High-performance communication test setup to meet the test requirements of the 5G mobile communication
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SP9500: Full-Function 5G Communication Test Set
SP9500 Communication Test Set (CTS) is the world's first testing platform that meets the 100MHz channel bandwidth (for the sub-6GHz band), carrier aggregation, downlink 8-stream / uplink 4-stream MIMO, and other requirements as defined in 3GPP R15. SP9500-CTS emulates a functional 5G base station for tests including connection, coverage performance, and RF characteristic analysis. Cascade multiple SP9500-CTS to support larger-scale MIMO and CA for future technological evolution.
Product Description
SP9500-CTS is a high-performance test instrument for 5G UE development and certification. SP9500-CTS has a powerful baseband processing capability and ultra-high density RF module design.
Support for 5G R15 and Beyond
P9500 5G Communication Test Set is a highly integrated test instrument with a complete 5G protocol stack support. SP9500 enables testing of user equipment (UE) as defined by 3GPP TS38.508-1, TS38.521-1, TS38.521-2*, TS38.521-3, TS38.521-4, etc with different 5G radio modes, non-stand-alone (NSA) or stand-alone (SA). SP9500 supports extended test coverage, including 100M/400M* bandwidth support, CA, 8*4 MIMO defined in 5G R15. Multi-instrument cascade can support larger-scale MIMO and CA for future technological evolution.
Instrument Choice for 5G Testing
SP9500-CTS can be used as the core instrument or vector signal source to build the RF conformance test system, and also can be used as the system simulator to build protocol and radio resource management conformance testing system.

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