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High-tech enterprise focusing on development of radio test simulation instruments
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Wireless Channel Emulator

KSW-WNS02/KSW-WNS02B wireless channel simulator, as the simulation equipment of wireless channel environment, realizes the interconnection of RF channel and the simulation of dynamic wireless channel. According to different test requirements, KSW-WNS02/KSW-WNS02B wireless channel simulator should have the following functions:
  1. Multi-channel multi-point to multi-point RF channel connection.
  2. Wireless channel simulation: simulation of multi-path, Doppler frequency shift, fading channel, dynamic delay, interference, signal-to-noise ratio, etc.
Application Field
  • Massive MIMO simulation test
  • Phased array antenna test
  • Channel simulation of next generation wireless communication
  • Wireless networking simulation test
  • MIMO OTA test
  • Hardware in the loop simulation test of satellite, UAV and missile
Product Features
  • Massive MIMO simulation test
  • Wireless channel simulator supporting 5G communication test in strict accordance with 3GPP standard
  • Single device supports 32 x 8 and 32 x 16, two devices support 64 x 8 and 64 x 16 massive MIMO simulation test
  • Support millimeter wave channel simulation test through extended frequency band
  • The multi-channel phase consistency is excellent
  • 100ps high precision time delay simulation
  • The simulation test of 2GHz signal bandwidth can be supported by carrier aggregation
RF Signal Generator

KSW-VSG RF microwave signal generator developed by the company based on HBI platform has the characteristics of high-quality in band signal quality, low out of band signal radiation, high long-term application stability, wide signal bandwidth, and large waveform storage depth. It can generate multi-target signal, frequency hopping signal, 5g / 4G mobile communication signal, special communication system signal, multi-channel signal and multi-channel signal by loading different waveform files Complex electromagnetic environment interference signal, radar signal, etc. During the reporting period, the company's RF microwave signal generator has been applied in mobile communication, navigation / satellite, Internet of things / Internet / Internet of vehicles, radar and other fields.
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