Wi-Fi Testing

A comprehensive Wi-Fi test solution for functional, performance, interoperability, Proof-of-Concept, validation, regression, and many forms of testing.
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Wi-Fi Performance Testing

Candela Technologies offers a fully automated and highly repeatable Wi-Fi test system with comprehensive test coverage and easy-to-use tools providing expert analysis and diagnostics of Wi-Fi devices under test.
Testing Access Point

Candela Technologies runs 100s of tests fully automated without having to touch the testbed once set up with the DUT.  The testbed can create any kind of custom test scripts with automated AP settings, and upgrades and reboots APs through a serial interface connected to the LANforge system.
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Testing Stations

Candela Technologies’s fully automated testbed can test real clients with LANforge acting as Access Point.  LANforge can generate real application traffic with DUT.  LANforge will automate the creation of many different types of emulated APs.
TR398 Performance Test

Candela Technologies offers a fully automated TR-398 Test suite with PASS/FAIL test results and all the testbed building blocks.  Candela now supports the new TR-398 WiFi Issue 2 Performance test plan by the Broadband forum, which provides a comprehensive set of tests to qualify the performance of WiFi access points (APs) to be deployed in residential and small office indoor environments.
The TR-398 Issue 2 includes new test cases as compared to TR-398 Issue 1. The new test cases included in TR-398 Issue 2 are Dual Band Throughput, Bi-directional Throughput, 802.11ax-Peak performance, and Automatic Channel Selection Tests. TR-398 Issue 2 includes 802.11ax station mode for all the test cases along with the existing 802.11n/ac modes.
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Mesh Test Solution

Using the LANforge mesh test system, customers can create an entire home network in the lab. The chambers emulate rooms and mobile station locations and LANforge systems in each chamber emulate fixed devices (TVs, laptops, phones). The LANforge software allows quick and powerful graphical control of the chambers to emulate physical distance and mobility. Many tests can be automated, substantially decreasing test time and increasing test coverage.

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