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Leading terminal conformance test solution with full support of all the 5G terminal conformance test requirements specified by 3GPP
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SP9500 Integrated Test System: Leading 4G/5G Terminal Conformance Test Solution
SP9500 Integrated Test System is the world's first testing platform that fully meets the requirements of 100MHz channel bandwidth (for the sub-6GHz band), carrier aggregation, downlink 8-stream / uplink 4-stream MIMO, and other characteristics defined in 3GPP R15 release. Cascade multiple SP9500 5G Network Emulator Multi-instruments to support larger-scale MIMO and CA for future technological evolution. SP9500 Integrated Test System supports 3GPP defined tests, including RF conformance, Protocol Conformance and RRM Conformance. In addition, SP9500 Integrated Test System supports Network Access Tests and Type Approval tests defined by large operators worldwide.
Key Features
  • Complete 3GPP test coverage for RF, Protocol, and RRM tests
  • Comprehensive conformance test case coverage
  • Fully automated test platform with an easy-to-use user interface
  • Global leading R&D
  • Wide range of upstream enterprise applications
Product Description
StarPoint’s SP9500 5G Integrated Test System is the world's leading terminal conformance test solution. SP9500 supports the 5G User Equipment (UE) RF, RRM, and Protocol conformance test requirements specified in 3GPP TS38.521-1, 38.521-2, 38.521-3, 38.533, and TS38.523-1, Tests include the physical layer and protocol stack functions and procedures, UE RF transmitter and receiver characterization, demodulation performance, cell selection/ handover/ re-establishment requirements, measurement procedure, performance requirements, and functional tests of SA and NSA protocol stack layer, etc.
SP9500 provides comprehensive testing and analysis of 5G terminals. SP9500 supports power consumption, service, OTA, IMS, positioning, and USIM interface tests. It is a one-stop-shop solution that addresses a wide range of test requirements.
RRM Conformance Test (SP9500-RRM)
5G UE RRM Conformance test verifies the radio resource management performance as defined by 3GPP TS 38.533. SP9500-RRM supports all the 3GPP NSA and SA RRM conformance tests, including the RRC_IDLE state mobility (applicable only for SA), RRC_CONNECTED state mobility, RRC connection mobility control, timing, and signaling characteristics, UE measurement procedures test and measurement performance requirements test, and more.
RF Conformance Test (SP9500-RCT)
5G User Equipment (UE) RF Conformance Test by 3GPP TS38.521-1(SA) and TS38.521-3(NSA) specifies the performance KPI for validation of UE’s RF characteristics. 3GPP conformance tests assure wireless network capacity, coverage range, intra-RAT and inter-RAT user coexistence performance, etc., can meet the performance requirements. SP9500-RCT supports all UE RF conformance tests defined by 3GPP, e.g., transmitter and receiver characteristics test, transmit power, dynamic output power, transmit signal quality, output RF spectrum emissions, reference sensitivity, maximum input level, adjacent channel selectivity, blocking and spurious response, intermodulation characteristics, and more.
Protocol Conformance Test (SP9500-PCT)
5G UE Protocol Conformance test verifies the protocol stack layer as defined in 3GPP TS38.523-1. SP9500-PCT supports all the 3GPP NSA and SA protocol conformance tests, including Idle Mode Operations, MAC, RLC, PDCP, RRC, 5GC test, and IRAT (E-UTRA) tests, and more.

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